Spread God's love through actions, not words

Most of the time, atheists won’t listen to the words we speak about God. We must spread God’s love by actions not words.

Imagine your father was the prime minister or the president of your country. Being his son/daughter, you represent him. When people walk past you, they recognise you as the son/daughter of someone powerful and famous. People expect you to live up to your father’s name, to be mature and respectful. If you did something bad in public, like smoking or getting drunk, people look down on you and your father, and your father will be disgraced.
It’s exactly the same with you and God. You represent your Father in Heaven. As Christians, people expect you to act like God’s children. People expect you to do the good that you always speak of.
As Christians, we must live a cut above the rest of the world. We do the things that the rest of the world would think of as “weird” or “stupid”. For example, the world says, “look out for yourself.” God says, “look out for others.” We live a different life from the rest of the world.
By living out the true Christian life, people can see what Christianity is all about. People can see how God works in our lives and how He changes us. It is through actions, not words, that we spread God’s love.

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