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Just A quick note on prayer…
Pray is the most useful and powerful tool invented by God.  Famous writer Max Lucado once said…

    “Pray is the most powerful tool in God’s kingdom, because in prayer we are in perfect communion with God interceding with the father on behalf of his creation.  The majesty of prayer puts us in the relationship God intended to have with man: PERFECT COMUNION”

As Christians we need to pray and pray consistently not just for 10 minutes in the morning or at night.  God is always listening, wherever and whenever.  Prayer is our direct phone line with God what the good thing about this phone is the battery never dies, there’s always signal and the bills pay themselves.
In Matthew Ch 21 vs. 22 it says “If you believe you will receive what you ask for in prayer”.  And in Psalm 116 vs. 1 it says “I love the Lord because he hears and answers my prayer”.  With verses like this it’s a big clue how important prayer is.  The fact that people are always praying throughout the Bible is another – i.e. Moses, Jesus etc .
So pray continually!! Pray for opportunities to tell people of God’s great love, pray for those who you come into contact with, and pray for your non Christian friends that they will see God’s love!!
Author: Jesusfreak