Devotions to help you live out your faith



Imagine a world where people are judged purely on what they have achieved

Where appearance, or fame, or social status don’t matter

Imagine a world where black and white could walk hand in hand without fear of attack

A world without ghettos

A world without ‘no-go’ zones

Imagine a world where place of birth didn’t determine quality of life

Where food was available for all who worked for it

Where the majority of the wealth wasn’t controlled by a small minority

Where all workers got paid a fair rate

Imagine a world free from sectarianism

Where people realised that there was only One God

Where they lay aside their differences and together worshiped Him

Imagine a world free from gangs, free from the fear of crime

A world where people died of old age, not cancer or HIV

A world where everyone has equal access to medical treatment

Where the best isn’t only available to those who can afford it, but to those who need it

Imagine a world where the media was free from government censorship

And the government free from corruption

Where the vote was freely available to all

And political opponents weren’t oppressed

Imagine a world where begging in the street didn’t happen because it was unnecessary

And charities were unneeded

NOW stop imagining, and live it!