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Living Life God's Way

Let’s say, for now, you are a football player. And every football team has their own uniform. Just the other day, you were promoted to play in a better team, a world-famous team, and you accept, of course! But now, you need to wear the new uniform. Walking onto the field wearing your old football uniform just isn’t right, you just don’t fit in.
It’s like this when you accept Christ into your life. The moment you accepted Christ, you joined the new team. You need to wear the new uniform. It’s no use still going around like your old self, wearing the old clothes. You need to live up to the new life: God’s way of life!
Here’s another example. Say, you’ve got your drivers license in Australia. You’ve been driving here for a few years now, and you’re familiar with all the rules and so on. But now, you’ve moved to Singapore, and all the road rules are different!
It’s like this with God. As soon as you entered God’s kingdom, you’ve entered a new country. And you need to abide by the rules and laws of that country now. You need to abide by God’s rules now. It won’t do to go driving in the new country, still abiding by the rules of the old country, because it’s all different! You have to go by the new rules!
These two are very simple everyday examples of living up to God’s name. To live up to God’s name, we must wear the new clothes, follow God’s rules. So, things like swearing, lying, profanity, and so on, it’s all gone, it’s all past. It’s all part of the old life. You need to live the new life now. God’s way of life.

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