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Where would Jesus Be?

A few years ago it used to be fashionable to wear those ‘What would Jesus do?’ bracelets. But maybe the question we need to ask ourselves more these days is not what He would do, but where He would be doing it.
Because as Christians we have a tendency to form our little ‘holy-huddles’, seeking to avoid contact with all that is ‘unholy’. But as you read through the gospels Jesus seems to do the exact opposite. He went to parties. He hung out with the despised tax collectors. He talked with women in public (customs of the time frowned upon that). He touched the untouchable lepers. He ate with prostitutes.
So if he was here on earth today where would Jesus be?
Out on the street corners offering hope to the beggars and shoppers rather than ‘turn or burn’ condemnation?
In pubs showing love to the drunks, helping them get home safely, caring for them in their need?
Bringing healing to the sick and restoration to the broken. Offering hope to the lost and weary. Feeding the hungry (physically and spiritually). Caring for the outcasts of society.
So if we can hazard a good guess at where Jesus would be, I guess the question is, if we call ourselves His followers, why isn’t the church following His lead and going there?
Why do we wait for the lost to come to us? The apostles didn’t stay in the upper Room after receiving the Holy Spirit. They got out onto the streets of Jerusalem and beyond, living it out.
We have the key to freedom. Freedom from poverty, freedom from HIV, freedom from drugs, freedom from depression, freedom from human trafficking, freedom from conforming to society, freedom from celebrity obsession. We have the key to freedom, Jesus, and a world in chains, waiting for us to share the key with them. Where would Jesus be? Probably not in the mega church singing the latest hit worship song but in the streets living it out, being a ‘living sacrifice’ (re Romans 12:1), showing religion that is ‘pure and blameless’ (re James 1:27) to the world. Is that where we are?

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    Also – feedback – do you agree? Do you disagree? Have a thought to share? Please do so! I have a feeling this article could be challenging for quite a few people and might evoke a response or too….

  • ~{FSM}~

    From my perspective, I’ve always found people going out and preaching to be the most offputting, althought they can also be very entertaining, although not in the way they probably intended.
    What I think would work most is if you just did good stuff and didn’t really push faith on people, just mention it if people ask, or do it unobtrusively.
    Well, that’s enough constructive advice for one evening: now onto humour: the adverts on this page are as funny as the ones on the forum: “Christian Masturbation” and in the stumble upon box half the linls seem to be to atheist websites.

  • “now onto humour: the adverts on this page are as funny as the ones on the forum: “Christian Masturbation” and in the stumble upon box half the linls seem to be to atheist websites.

    It is a valid topic to be discussed, controversial perhaps, taboo definately, but vaild and probably necessary too. So I have no problems with that advert, and would recommend anyone with struggles around this area to look into it more, and that website may be a good place to start (i can’t check it out as i can’t click my own Google ads so can’t offer a personal opinion on that particular website)

  • Oh, and I’m not trying to encourage people to go out and preach on the streets, rtaher to go out and do “good stuff” as you put it, taking God’s love to places the church has ignored. I agree that street condemnation preaching is largely ineffective (although the people doing it obviously have great personal faith to stand out there and face such ridicule….), and that the best witness is a life lived loving people and loving God

  • ~{FSM}~

    I didn’t really mean preaching on the street. People just ignore them. No, it’s the sort of “We’re doing this because we believe in Jesus” thing. It’s irritating because it seems to suggest you wouldn’t otherwise, or you’re just trying to spread a message or something.
    Basically, I would just be much more impressed by a faith or organisation which didn’t try to confront you or get a bit preachy, just sort of be low key about it.

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