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[Introducing another new contributor to the All4God website, Dean Swift, a 19 year old guy from Moira who is on fire for God right now, and incredibly passionate about fellowship and prayer, and about being truly open with fellow believers. And also a talented ukulele player…]
Hey Everyone! Have you ever thought there must be more to being a Christian than this and with that got frustrated?  Well I know I have before but what I have learned is that God moves through people alot! As we are his hands and feet!  I feel really strongly about having proper fellowship like that Jesus had with the disciples and with each other.   How do we get there?  Well we are all on the same boat because we are all on earth and I’m assuming we are fighting the good fight for God.  We are also in a battle for good against evil and the devil wants to drag us down with sin and discourage us and tell us we are useless.  We all sin.  It says in the bible to confess your sins to one another, it also says that when one or more come to pray together and seek his face that his presence will come.  Then why sometimes when we pray together is it sometimes dry?  I’ve experienced the Holy spirits presence loads when praying with some people at times in my life.  The reason for this is because we didn’t let pride get in the way of us and God.  We confessed our sins to each other and prayed for each other, also speaking life and encouragement to each other always.
So if you are reading this and you do want more from God, all I can tell you is that you have to deny yourself and your pride and look to God.  When we become nothing in brokenness and humility before God He WILL send his spirit so that you may experience him.  I want to encourage you to work on building true fellowship with others through first of all confessing you struggles and sins to one another so that you can be prayed for.  Doing this in a small group is great.  Because as it says in Galatians 5 that we have been set free from sin by the cross and can be alive to Christ!  You first need to be set free from the burden of sin so that God can do more in our life.  Remember that God has a plan for you and he wants you to become the person he created you to be.  He wants you to know him intimately also, going through life experiencing him and also the most amazing relationships with others through God.  Having true fullness in your life will come through him.
So do everything to the glory of Jesus Christ,  be it sport, music, dancing, eating, talking, getting out of bed! (which can be tough) or even smiling. Let his love shine out!

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  • Great Dean, thanks. Now to make sure i apply that….

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