Worship – God of this City

Sometimes it is good to just sit back, and have a few minutes of worship with God. So here is a pretty class worship song, God of this City, by Northern Ireland band Bluetree, and after you have watched it there is a wee response for it, feel free to add comments and respond though them:
‘For greater things have yet to come, and greater things have still to be done here’
That is a promise from God to us, but there is a condition: ‘Where glory shines from hearts alive
With praise for you and love for you in this city’ – if you want to see greater things happen in your town/city/village then get your heart alive for God. And to get your heart alive for God, you need to spend time with Him, seeking Him in prayer, reading His word like never before, praising from your heart not just with your mouth. And when a group of people get together with a passion for God above all else, when they decide to take a stand and let His glory shine through their lives like they never have before, then great things will happen. If you want God to be the Lord of your city, first you have to let Him be Lord over your whole life. You need to be totally devoted to Him – in thought, and word, and deed. You need to treasure Him above all else. When people come together with the soul purpose of living for God in every way, then we will see greater things done here, whenever here may be for you.
You up for that?

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