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Debate: Harry Potter

Time for something a little different – a debate! Evryone loves a good debate every now and again, right? And with it being summer and people having more time to get invovled in random internet discussions, we thought we’d run a few debates here. And with the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie coming out this week that makes a good topic for the first debate – is Harry Potter, in your opinion, accpetable entertainment for Christians, given that it is all about magic and witchcraft, subjects the Bible ain’t too keen on? There is a poll to vote in, and then leave your thoughts in the comments. And keep them respectable muggles!
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3 thoughts on “Debate: Harry Potter

  • Went to see it earlier as part of a Youth Fellowship/group of friends outing, wasn’t bad – not a patch on the books like obviously, left a good few bits out (although given the amount of padding HBP had it sort of had to in order to remain interesting), also added in an extra fight scene that wsn’t in the book that gave it an extra bit of action and pace.
    Some real good comedy moments too (one very good innuendo…) and of course the whole final section is class, a bit emotional (for those who haven’t read the book I’ll not spoil it)
    In terms of appropriateness, there is very litle in the way of swearing, kissing is as far as it goes sexually (apart from the afore mentioned innuendo) and all the violence is clearly fantasy. Plus there is at the centre a storyline of good versus evil, love versus hatred, and all in all nothing to disapprove of (unless you are one of those Bible Belt guys that fails to understand the magic referred to in the Harry Potter books and movies is a figment of JK Rowling’s imagination and not to be taken as serious)

  • harry potter and steven king stuff, the only books ive ever read haha

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