Capture Crossfire Interview

With the Comfort in Sound NI Summer Tour about to start (and an extra date in Exodus Lisburn on August 14th just added) All4God presents an interview with one of the bands you’ll be able to see, Capture Crossfire. [For more details on the tour, click here]
First off, who makes up the band?
Jonny Gilkinson – Vox/Guitar
Robin Aicken – Guitar
Sam Davison – Vox/Bass
David Bolton – Vox/Drums
Any interesting/quirky/annoying character traits among the band members?
Ask Sam for a joke haha! They are very interesting! At the minute we cant think of much…hmmm…I’ll get back to you on that!
When did you get together?
We all got together a few months ago. David, Robin and Sam all came from a previous band which then split up. Robin then found Jonny and formed a band with him which saw the bassist and drummer leave once again and so we asked David and Sam to join and its been that way ever since!
How would you describe your sound? And how do others describe it?
Haha…many have said different things! imagine Switchfoot climbing the stairs backwards with Creed jeering them on and U2 laughing at the top!
What artists have had an influence on you as a band?
We have a big range of bands that we all have grown up with just always wanted to play like them. We would say the main bands that we look as inspiration and influence would be; 30 Seconds To Mars, Foo Fighters, The Fray, Switchfoot and Angels and Airwaves.
You’ve been involved in the Exodus Summer Madness Unsigned bands competition – how did that go for you, and what have you learnt from it?
Unsigned was an awesome experience for us to promote our music and to play some tunes for the first time. Unfortunately its down to how the judges see your music and against very very good and more experienced competition another band won it! At the end of the day however we were not annoyed or anything, it was just nice to play at the Summer Madness venue which we all had been going to since kids!
Where do you get your inspiration for your lyrics from?
We all have a personal faith with Jesus Christ. So I guess He would be a major source of our inspiration! Also personal experiences shape the way we write songs, we all have grown up with events that have formed us and so we would take those experiences and translate them into our songs. We don’t try to be a band that shoves the Gospel down peoples throats as we want our music to appeal to everyone. We try to show through out lyrics and lifestyle that there is more to life than what people think there is.
From seeing you play live it seems your song “Live out loud” is the biggest hit with the crowds – for those who haven’t heard it could you explain what it is about?
Exodus’ theme this year for their teams was the title ‘Live out loud’ and so we took that as our inspiration to write a song in which the life of a Christian should be to live out for God and loudly and boldly as possible! Other songs of ours though are not as bold but every song has a personal message behind it that people can take from.
What can people expect from a live performance?
All we can say is to head down to the one of the shows in the August tour and you can see for yourself! expect lively tunes with some crowd participation!
Finally – is there anywhere people can get hold of your music yet?
Keep an eye out on our myspace as after the tour we are hitting the studio to record out Debut EP! our myspace is We are planing on doing a few shows in Sept to launch our EP so head on down and check one out!

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