Free audiobook: Stuff Christians Like

Everyone likes getting something for free, right? Especially when it is something really good. Which was why I wanted to let you know that until the end of April you can get a free, full audiobook download of the new book Stuff Christian like by Jonathan Acuff.
Some of you may have come across the SCL blog – it’s pretty much the leading Christian satire blog out there, mocking all those things we love about modern day Christianity like. The book contains the best of the site, plus lots of all new stuff that Christians like. While the main focus is satire there are a lot of serious points mixed in too, and I have found with a lot of the topics Jonathan brings up that you are challenged as to whether it is right for us to be so focused on those issues as we are in the church today.
So what can you expect? There’s  great stuff about side hugs (favoured in church settings as there is no risk of “accidental crotch touching”), a scoresheet to work out how metrosexual your worship leader is and how to name-drop God to avoid a speeding ticket. It covers all sorts of topics, from the Bible to church to sex to talking plates to Fergie lyrics, and is the funniest thing I have heard all year. It’s read by Jonathan himself, and he has a great reading voice, adding all sorts of extra emphasises for added comic value.
Given that it is available for free I would advise you to check it out. I hadn’t listened to an audiobook since childhood until I downloaded this, and as someone who presently doesn’t have a lot of time for light recreational reading have found it great to listen along to while out walking about. (I’m sure I got some funny looks laughing along to it in the newsagents…)
You can download it all for free (saving yourself on the cost of buying the book) at ChristianAudio until the end of April (You do need to sign up for an acount with them, but you don’t need to hand over any credit card details).
NB Just to point out – I’m not being paid to/asked to promote this. I’m doing it because I have really enjoyed it and want to share it with you.

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