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Christian Turn-down lines

I felt it was time to address something here. In the past I have brought you some Christian chat-up lines, and some tips on Biblical ways to get a wife. Which means that potentially out there, there are people getting unwanted attention from guys they aren’t interested in, and they are finding it hard to say no because the guy used one of our excellent Christian chat-up lines.
So today I wanted to provide you with some Christian turn-down lines, so you can break someone’s heart, but with a little Biblical cushioning to soften the blow. Just promise you won’t use any of these on me if I ever tell you you I think of you when I read Philippians 4:8!

• When I read Jeremiah 29:11, and think of you, I feel cheated
• I have the gift of prophecy, and I have a word for you – celibacy
• I’m more of a Paul than a Solomon if you get what I mean
• God promised He has a great plan for me, I don’t see how you could fit in with that
• We are brother and sister in Christ, it would be like incest
• You need someone with less discernment
• I’m not sure our callings are compatible
• It’ll take prayer and fasting on your end…mostly fasting

Have you any others, either that you’ve used, or that someone has used on you? And have you put any of the Christian chat-up lines to use?