So yesterday Cassie wrote about studying the Bible with your heart and mind, not just your mind. And today I wanted to draw your attention to a major new Bible reading initiative starting on October 3rd.
You may have heard of E100. It’s not some crazy food colouring that you need to avoid if you see it in the ingredients of your favourite sofa drink/sweets/energy drink. And it is not some insane P90X style exercise regime to give you muscles in places you didn’t know had muscles before. (But it may just make you more spiritually tanked…)
E100 is a selection of 100 essential Bible passages, covering the whole span of the Bible, picking out all the major parts of God’s message, like a kind of highlights package for the Bible. The idea is you read one reading a day for 100 days (most are 1-2 chapters long, so it is very doable). And by the end of it you will have a good grasp of all the big points of the Bible and where they are, plus hopefully a hunger to go back and read more around them. It has been around for a few years and lots of people have been doing it.
This October a big youth initiative is happening to encourage young people to read through the E100, and there is a site that has been set up (E100chat) that will be updated with thoughts on each day’s reading by leading Biblical scholars and youth experts, plus you can discuss it with others through the comments.
If you don’t regularly read the Bible, or would like to get into reading more of it, or want to explore parts you normally don’t read (like the Old Testament!) E100 is a great chance to do that (you don’t even have to wait til October 3rd if you are super keen to get started!)

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