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Review: The Neon Ambience 'A'

This is a slightly different review to usual, as I’m reviewing a new album of ambient music designed for “reflection, soaking, devotion, meditation, prayer and relaxation” from The Neon Ambience. The album is called ‘A’ and each track is named with a word that starts with A and has a Christian significance (eg agape, adoration, ascension and acquitted) – in total there are 9 tracks and the album is about 50 minutes long. And with ambient music not having any words this is not an album that will speak to you through the songs, but it is an album that will help create an atmosphere in which you can listen to God. It is pretty unique in Christian circles that these aren’t instrumentals of existing songs, but totally new songs.
I listen to a fair bit of ambient music. I don’t like silence, but when I am trying to focus on something like revising or Bible reading music with words tends to be distracting. Which is when I stick on some instrumental music like a film soundtrack or else some ambient music. But when doing quiet times I don’t like putting on non-Christian music, even if it is instrumental. Which is one of the things that makes this album helpful.
So what is it like? If you have heard much ambient music you will know what to expect – lots of echos, synths, guitars and drum machines, beats, beeps – tranquil music that plays in the background without grabbing your attention in a distracting way. There are loops that repeat that gives it a consistency throughout without becoming overly repetitive. It is all rather dreamy and the sort of music you could have a good soaking prayer session while listening to. As someone who has listened to plenty of ambient music I would say in terms of musical quality this is right up there, and if you want some non-distracting background music for prayer time, for Bible reading or just for generally playing while you work I would recommend you check out The Neon Ambience.

{Disclosure – I was provided with a free copy in return to do a review. I was not obliged to give a positive review, and requested the review copy as I felt it was the sort of music I would enjoy}