Keith and Kristyn Getty – Live at the Gospel Coalition: Review

Over the last few years the Gettys have written a number of songs that have become very popular in the church around the world. Originally from Northern Ireland (but now based in America) they wrote the song that is now a modern classic, In Christ Alone (along with Stuart Townsend). But until now they have never released a live album.
I have to be honest and say their studio recording sound is not my cup of tea. I feel slightly disloyal not being a fan of theirs what with them being Northern Irish, but I find their music style just a bit too old fashioned and slow for me. Lyrically their songs are very profound and unashamedly biblical (in the case of In Christ Alone too Biblical for the Presbyterian church in America…), but musically they are more the sort of thing for my parents rather than me.
Live at the Gospel Coalition changes that slightly. These live recordings have the energy and passion of live music, which is a help, and some of the songs on this album are classic hymns that the Gettys have modernised. But overall the musical style is still more middle-aged than hipster cool. One thing I did really like though was the spoken word introductions to some of the songs, and the final song, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty which is sung acapella is very powerful.
If, like me, you are young and like the modern Hillsong style of worship music this album isn’t for you. But my parents loved it. It is a mix of the Gettys’ greatest hits and some real classic worship songs, and would make a good Christmas present for the middle-aged Christians you know. Plus they unashamedly sing out about the wrath of God being satisfied by Jesus’ death on the cross on In Christ Alone which is a classic worship song that transcends the generations.

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