Review: Bethel Music – Tides

{We have a new member of Team All4God sharing their first review today – Mark Wells, a new Theology student from Moira who recently spent a year on mission in Brazil}
In the past few years the worship team from Bethel church in Redding California have produced some truly spirit lead worship that has brought millions into the presence of God even in their own bed rooms. From CD’s like 2011’s “Be lifted up” which brought us songs like “One thing Remains” or “I will exalt you” to the more recent “For the sake of the world” released in 2012 their music continues to minister to our hearts and minds and this new album “Tides” does not disappoint.
Very different from their other CD’s which tend to be recorded live this CD gives us a studio recorded album which has a huge range of styles and themes. From the very off set we have “Chasing you” from Jenn Johnson showing us how different this album really is. This first song pulls you in with curiosity as you truly wish to chase God with the rest of the album.
I feel that with the best albums they get even better with time and I am finding it with this one. Where I was initial caught by the “hits” from the album like “letting go” or “forever” I now feel myself being more drawn into some of the other tracks like “I feel you” with its’ heart wrenching theme ( it even has a saxophone solo) or the simplicity of “Give me Jesus” from Matt Stinton.
From where I am as an observer of the Christian music industry I can’t help but feel that something is changing. With albums like “Zion” from Hillsong United, completely breaking the “Hilsong mould” and now this from Bethel, I really feel that the Spirit is bring the musicians within the Church to a new and interesting place.
If you are going into this album expecting “the norm” from the Bethel Church worship team you will probably be surprised but I do not think you’ll be disappointed.

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