Dancing with Delilah

Introducing a new author to you today – Erin Watson, a nursing student from Liberty University in Virginia who writes poems and biblical truths on her website sixthimpossiblethingsbeforebreakfast and who I met during the summer.
Dancing With Delilah – a poem about friends who have wandered from the God they once claimed to love
I’m watching you dance with Delilah.
and you say, “Oh, no one’s gonna care.”
But God says He’s a jealous God
and He isn’t going to think this is fair.
Delilah sits there calmly twirling
the long, dark tendrils of your hair.
It’s only a matter of time ’til
your sins rise up causing you despair.
You say, “Where then is God when I need Him?”
Have they already gouged out your eyes?
How can God possibly reach you
when His commands you still despise?
Here you stand – you’re like a Samson –
So much power in store for you.
But instead, you’d rather squander it
not wait for God’s promises to show true.
I’ll take my “naive innocence”
over this life you chose – any day.
You’ll one day, I hope, understand that.
I pray then you’ll learn to change your way.
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