Bluetree- Worship and Justice

Over the years Bluetree have gone through a few changes. But several things have remained constant throughout. Firstly leader singer Aaron Boyd’s distinctive Northern Irish voice has given Bluetree their characteristic sound. And secondly at the heart of everything they do has been a theme that is captured in the title of this new album – Worship and Justice. It is highly commendable that Bluetree are a band that don’t just sing worship songs but get actively involved in justice projects, particularly with regards ministering to people caught up in child brothels in Cambodia.
Disappointingly for hardcore Bluetree fans about two thirds of the songs on this album have already been released on previous albums (some in live recordings, some in alternate versions), so while each song is a new recording, if you already have all the previous Bluetree albums you will already have a lot of these songs.
That is not to say they aren’t good – they are – they just aren’t new, which is a shame. This is a bible saturated worship album, full of songs of heart felt worship that sing out God’s praises. It is impossible to miss that these songs are directed to God – there is no vagueness on Bluetree’s albums – from the start song to the last they declare “You’re amazing God” – a great soundtrack to fill your mind with, and as ever with Bluetree these songs are lively, pumped up worship songs that would make good work out tunes.
Stand out tracks include It is finished – not a new song but still a great song about the cross and how Christ defeated sin, My Redeemer Lives with the powerful bridge “My God He is not dead He’s alive”and Rest which is a slower more reflective song that builds into an anthemic reminder of how we can rest safe in God’s presence for He never lets us go.
In summary this is a great album if you are a casual Bluetree fan who hasn’t got Live in Oklahoma or Kingdom. Hardcore fans will probably be better buying the individual tracks they don’t already have, unless you are the kind of person who has to have every single version of a song a band releases.
worshipDisclaimer: I recieved a free review copy from the promoter in return for a review. I was not obliged to provide a positive review. All opinions my own.

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