The story

The Bible is the story of grace. It is a consistent narrative that runs right the way through the entire Bible, from Genesis, the beginning with the creation of Adam and Eve in perfect relationship with God, a narrative that continues even though we rebelled and turned away from God. It is a story of God bring resolution to the conflict caused by our sinful rebellion and making a way for the relationship with Him to be restored, bringing about the ultimate happy ending of perfect eternal life in Heaven. It is a story where we are not at the centre. We are not the hero of this story – Jesus is. He is the One who resolved the conflict we face by coming down to earth and laying down his life on the cross. The narrative of God’s story is focused on faithfulness, on living a godly life, on enduring persecution, on sacrifice, on putting others before ourselves. This grace story is set in a massive sphere of which we individually are just a small piece, and yet we are we are still valued, loved and cared for by the Author of the story. A story not focused around our little world but which encompasses the vastness of the entire universe. The story of God is an ongoing everlasting story that began with creation and will have no end, for it promises that death is not the end of us – it promises eternal life for all who trust in Jesus – a story that offers hope no matter what the circumstances we find ourselves in now for we know the glory that awaits us. The bible is the story of grace. It is the story of God’s amazing love for us. It is a story that paradoxically both reminds us we are smaller than culture likes us to think for we are not the hero of the story and yet we are valued much more than culture thinks we are worth because God so loves us that He sent His son to die for us. Through the sacred writings of the bible we are invited to live under the narrative of a better story, the story that makes us wise for salvation through faith in Jesus, the story that makes us complete and equips us for every good work, the story of grace.
By getting deep into God’s word we learn what is true and right. We are reminded of the better story. Take time to get to know God’s word, not just an intellectual head knowledge of it, but a deep heart knowledge of faith in the truth of God’s breathed out word.

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