Too few of us to make a difference?

Sometimes the battle we are faced with looks like an impossible uphill struggle. There are too few of us, and too many non-believers for us to reach out to. How can we hope to reach them all? How can we have any effect against the might of Satan in this generation? Its easy to think that to have any impact we need larger numbers, and let that thought put us off doing anything. It’s so easy to let the fear of failure hold us back from doing anything. But how can we claim to love people if we do not point them towards Christ? And when Jesus lay down His command (note that it was a command, not a suggestion)  to ‘make disciples of all nations’ it wasn’t to a huge group. It was to 11 disciples. And from them the whole church grew. So how can we expect God to accept the excuse of not having enough people to do anything on the day of Judgement?
Also, check out Galatians 5v9 “A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough.”  We are the yeast, and with God’s help we can work through the whole dough, we can reach out to the whole world. For remember “Nothing is impossible with God”!
But it all has to be based in prayer. If prayer is not the foundation of our efforts then how can we expect it to work? If we rely only on our own efforts and not the power of Christ working through us of course we will fail. But if we pray and ask Jesus to work through us, ask God to give us the words to say through His Spirit, ask Him for the courage to turn the conversation from X-Factor or last nights football game to matters of actual significance, matters of life and death, Heaven and hell, then we’ll see it start to have an effect. Do you not get many opportunities to speak to people about God? Then pray and ask Him for some. Odds are you’ll get them pretty quickly, so you’d better be prepared!

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