Just such a time

God is not in the business of making mistakes. He has plans that have been in place from before time began. Plans to prosper and not to harm. Plans that don’t always make sense right now, but with the hindsight of eternity always will. He is in the business of taking what man meant for evil and using it for God. He is the Father who lavishes grace on His children. He is the God who never gives up on us and always wants to use us to advance His Kingdom. When it makes no sense we must trust that God is still at work. When it hurts we must trust that He knows what He is doing. There are no mistakes in His Kingdom. He has a plan and his will is always to see people come to know and love Him. And when it looks like there are obstacles in the way it helps us realise we do it not through our weakness but by leaning on His mighty power. When all hope is lost we remember the empty grave and the defeat of sin. We take hope when we rest in the love of Jesus. His perfect love casts out all our fear when we trust that He holds the future in His nail pierced hands. If God has brought you to something you are there for a reason. You are there for such a time as this. When all seems lost you are there for such a time as this. We it makes no sense you are there for such a time as this. With God on our side we can always hope, always trust and always love for we know how the story ends and we know He isn’t finished with us yet. He has us exactly where He wants us to bring about the advancement of His Kingdom at just such a time as this.

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