Devotions to help you live out your faith


How BIG is your God?

So many Christians nowadays lose sight of who God really is, how big and how powerful He really is. What we need to understand is that God is infinitely powerful, unlimited, a being we can never fully understand.

God is not restricted by human limitations.
How many times have you doubted in your ability to spread the Word of God? Most of us would have. But it’s not about us, it’s about God. Every time we doubt ourselves, we doubt God. Remember when God spoke to Moses our of the burning bush? Moses doubted himself, he doubted God, and he doubted his abilities. But God basically said, dont look at yourself, look at me. Because this is all about God, not about yourself. God is not limited by what limits us.
God is not predictable.
So many times, we gain a wrong impression of God because we want a God who is predictable. But God isn’t predictable. Some Christians think, “If I lay my hands on this person and pray for him/her, they will be healed”. But that’s not how God works. It’s not 1+1=2. Maybe God will heal the person, maybe He won’t. We can pray for the person, but that doesn’t mean God definitely WILL heal. God doesn’t work with formulas. We cannot say, “if I do this and this, then God will do this” because it’s not like that. If it were, then that will be us telling God what to do, and therefore God wouldn’t be God.
God is infinite.
The Bible says that we can never fully understand everything about God. No matter how much we learn about Him, we will still only know very little about Him, because He is infinite. Therefore, we will always come across situations where we don’t understand what God is doing. Still, some Christians will try to find a way to explain it, to explain what they don’t understand. Instead, we need to accept that we don’t know what is going on, but we need to trust God no matter what. Christianity isn’t an academic pursuit. It’s not about attending a lot of Bible study classes or youth groups. It’s not about trying to learn everything there is to learn about God. Because we will never know everything there is to know about God. God is infinite.
We cannot lose sight of who God is. God is infinitely powerful, and cannot be restricted by human limitations. So don’t put those limitations on God. All the things that we do, all the things discussed above, is us putting limitations on God, is us restricting God, and making Him smaller than He really is.  How big is your God, really?