Devotions to help you live out your faith


Little is much

I listen to a bit of internet Christian radio, and there is a song that has been played quite a bit on one of the stations (WBGL) there I feel has a really powerful message, Little is Much by Downhere. It has this really powerful line “Little is much when God’s in it”. I think that that is something really important to think about.

Often we are so busy trying to get the big things right that we neglect the small things. We look done on them as unimportant. We think that once we get the big stuff right then everything else will fall into place. But it doesn’t work like that. When you’re training for a marathon you don’t start by running 26 miles. You begin by running a short distance, and once you’ve mastered that you move on to bigger distances. Likewise in life, if we start by trying to do the big things it just won’t work. It may appear to for a while, but ultimately it won’t.

Which is we need to focus on getting the little things right, so that we can move on to the bigger things. Small things like making more time for prayer, more time for reading the Bible. Small acts of kindness. Once we get the small things right we will be able to master the bigger things.

It’s not only the small things we don’t do that can hold us back in our walk with God, but also the little things we do. The little white lies we look down on as insignificant. Satan uses this attitude to let small things lead to bigger things and over time the nature of the sin can become greater and greater.

Often people are put off trying new things by a fear of failure or a fear that they don’t have the required skills. However the song reminds us that with God what little we feel we have is much. “He changes the world with the seeds we sow”. If you feel there isn’t change happing in your life at the moment you need to consider if you are sowing enough, if you are giving God enough opportunities to work through you. In Matthew we are told “Knock and the door will be opened”. For doors to be opened it requires a knock from us. We have to take the leap of faith, step out of our comfort zone, and try new things. Then we will know if they are for you. And if it isn’t, at the end of the day what have lost? A little pride? At the end of the day, how important is your pride? For are we not called to be humble? If you want God to work through you more I would encourage you to follow the advice of the Sainsbury’s ad and ‘try something new today’.