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All4God Vision Part 1 – Young People Uniting

Young People uniting

Standing as One

Working to advance the Kingdom

To reach lives and touch souls

Making the most of now

Being a generation that seeks God’s face

Making every second and every action count

Showing that what is important is “faith expressing itself through love” Gal 5v6

Seen as it has been on the homepage of All4God since the launch back in September 2007, I thought it might be a good idea to look into some of the beliefs/ideas behind the vision for All4God that is summed up in the mission statement/site vision. [NB The version that appears on the homepage is a shortened version, cut down so that all the important points are there but as well as seeing it you can see the start of the latest article on the site. The full version can be seen in our promo video] This is going to be an 7 part series, with each part looking at a different part of the vision.

Young people uniting

All4God is about youth, people in their teens, twenties. (If you are outside of that age frame and reading this, don’t stop, you are still very welcome!) There are several reasons for this. Firstly, that is the age group I fall into, and so is the one I can relate to best. Secondly, in my experience not enough has been done to encourage those of us who are young in age to get actively involved in serving God. Finally, there is a sense in the Christians circles that I am involved in that the current generation of teens and twenty somethings has an energy and passion unlike previous generations, and that great things are possible in our lives. I want to encourage this in other people, and so have All4God is specifically targeted at that age range.

At the end of that line you will see the word ‘Uniting’. All4God isn’t about one church denomination. It isn’t about one country. It was started in Northern Ireland, but is not exclusively about Northern Ireland. I believe that together, people are stronger. And true unity should not be limited by artificial country borders that have been made by man. One of the original thoughts that led to me setting up All4God was the idea of how cool it would be to be able to post up a prayer request, and then know that young people from all over the world would see it, read it, and pray for it. And that is why there is a prayer request section on the forum, where you can do just that. And also, by uniting we can pool our resources and ideas better. We can share encouragement and answers with a much wider group than just our local church. As we as young people unite across cultural, racial and geographical borders it will cause people to take notice and become curious. It will enable us to challenge each other on to greater things. And by uniting we will have more people to support and encourage us.


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