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All4God Vision 3: Advancing, Reaching, Changing

This is part 3 of our look at the All4God vision, and as a special bonus, today we are looking at 2 parts of it. Don’t forget to check out the other parts if you have missed them by selecting August in the Archive.

Working to advance the Kingdom

Jesus declared He is building His Kingdom on earth. And in the Lord’s Prayer we are urged to pray that God’s will would be done on earth as in heaven. Evidently that doesn’t happen yet. Clearly there are only small parts of the world that have been claimed for the kingdom of heaven. So we need to live to advance the kingdom to the rest of the world, not just build larger buildings in the areas already claimed for it.

We need to look out rather than just looking in. Rather than expecting people to come to where the kingdom is, we need to advance it to where they are, met them where they are, and bring transformation and revival in their lives.

To reach lives and change souls

Given that the great commission gives each of us the call to make disciples of all nations outreach needs to play a major part in all of our lives. While some may be more gifted, it doesn’t mean we should leave it to them. There are people for whom we could be the only Christian they know, and if we don’t answer the call to make disciples out of them, then what chance do they have?

We may not be able to ultimately save them with our efforts. But at the very least we will have planted seeds, and can pray that at the right time God will cause them grow. Although we may not lead them to Christ, we can point them in the right direction. What could be worse than on the Day of Judgment have friends walk past us on their way to Hell and cry out “Why didn’t you tell us?” Living All4God is about resolving that regardless of whether or not our friends accept Jesus as Saviour, they won’t have the excuse of ignorance.

And whether they accept him or not, their souls will have been touch by His love through our words and actions, and hopefully their hearts softened rather than harden by their experience of us as representatives of Christ.