All4God 1 year interview celebrations

So this month marks a year of All4God teaching and interview goodness. Over the past year we have brought you interviews with Bluetree (find out the story behind the song God of this City, now a major success by Chris Tomlin), Tre Sheppard, RPM, Compass and Pete Greig. So I was wondering, how could I mark one year of All4God and thank all of you for making it such a success over the past year? Obviously there’ll be some more devotional/teaching articles, but that didn’t seem enough.
So here’s what I have lined up for you – interviews with two of the biggest emerging bands on the Contemporary Christian Music scene – American bands  33Miles and Leeland! The 33Miles interview will be up to coincide with their new album release next week, and the Leeland interview later in the month, but until then, get excited, check out their music if you haven’t already done heard them (Youtube,  and are good sources of streams of their music), and get ready to celebrate All4God hitting one year. Plus if you have thoughts on what else we can do to mark one year of All4God, please share it in the comments – maybe you have a favourite article we could update, or you have an alternate idea.
But anyway, this is just a wee update to let you know what to look out for over the next few weeks. Excited?

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