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Grown Up Christmas List

I was listening to the radio the other day, and I heard a song that I wanted to share with you. It’s “Grown up Christmas List”. It has been sung by several artists, including Bryan Duncan and Kelly Clarkson.

I found this video on Youtube which uses the Kelly Clarkson version. Take a couple of minutes to watch it, and focus on the lyrics, especially the chorus.


Okay, so why did I get you to listen to that song?

When you were young, one of the first things you did in the run up to Christmas was probably write a wish list of what you wanted to get (who knows, it maybe still is!)

Chances are you probably didn’t get everything on that list. And as you got older you knew you wouldn’t get everything you put on your wish list. But you still tried.

As realists we know we can’t solve the world’s problems in a short time. But we can still make that our wish list. We can still try. This Christmas, make this your wish list:

“No more lives torn apart,

and wars would never start,

and time would heal all hearts.

Every one would have a friend,

that right would always win,

and love would never end

This is my grown-up christmas list,

this is my only lifelong wish,”

Not for yourself, but for the world that is so desperately in need. Spend time praying about it. Do something practical about it. And remember at Christmas there’s something more important than the presents under the tree. There’s something bigger than whether or not you got the mp3 player you wanted. This isn’t some airy-fairy ‘it would be nice if it happened’ wish-list. This is a cry from those devastated by hunger, AIDS, poverty, war, famine, floods, addiction, abuse, persecution, and such things. We need to act on this wish-list, we need to try and make the world a better place. Not for ourselves, but for the world in need.