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Local Music Tour

 Here at All4God we like music a lot. If it is decent Christian music we like it even more. And if it is from a local band we fully love it. Which is why we are pretty excited about a forthcoming tour featuring not one, not two but THREE great fresh new local Christian bands – Article For, Capture Crossfire and Tom McConnell. It’s coming this August, and the details of venues are in the poster below. (Sadly for our non Northern Ireland based visitors all the stops on the tour are in Northern Ireland).

if you were at Summer Madness last weekend you might have heard Tom McConnell and Capture Crossfire take part in the Exodus Unsigned Band competion, and Article For have played recently at the Exodus Lisburn venue. Tom McConnell came a close second in the Unsigned competion, and the judges said they could hear him on Radio One in the future. Over the next few weeks leading up to the tour we will be bringing you some exclusive interviews and music from the bands to let you get to know them a bit better, but for now make sure you check them out on myspace, and if you are in Northern Ireland really do try and get to one of the dates, musically all three bands are different and offer something for most tastes:

Article For Myspace

Tom McConnell Myspace

Capture Crossfire Myspace


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