Full Volume Worship

“I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart” Psalm 9:1
If you go to one of those trendy modern churches with a praise band, or a big worship event you may have noticed they tend to put a sound restricting plastic enclosure around the drumkit to reduce the amount of noise coming from it.
I was recently at Summer Madness (Northern Ireland’s biggest Christian teen festival), and went from mainstage worship, where the drums had the afore mentioned enclosure to a gig by SixStarHotel (check out their song Crystal Fist – it rocks!). At the SixStarHotel gig I noticed that the drumkit had no such enclosure – the full volume of the drums was unleashed upon us to rock out to.
Which got me thinking –is it just the volume of the drums we hold back in worship? And of course worship isn’t restricted to times of singing praise, worship is a lifestyle. Which raises the question, in our lives are we going full out for Jesus, or do we have an ‘enclosure’ limiting how ‘loudly’ we worship?
Maybe it is time for us to remove our enclosures and worship at full, maxed out volume. Because it was easy to tell the difference between the muffled drums from worship and the full out blasting in the SixStarHotel gig – in the gig you could feel each beat, in the worship you could merely hear it.
When we worship with our lives we shine God’s love onto the world. If we want people to feel God’s love, rather than just hear about it, we need to worship without enclosures – without the enclosure of peer pressure, without the enclosure of your comfort zone, without the enclosure of pride. Whatever the ‘enclosure’ is for you, strive to remove it, and let your worship be felt at full volume by the world today!

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