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Green Day once sang “Wake me up when September ends”. Understandable given that the weather is starting to get (even) worse, and school/uni/college is starting back. But with September about to start I just wanted to warn you off what you will be missing out on at All4God if you decide to sleep through this coming month. Because, as you may or may not be aware, September is the second anniversary of All4God, and we like to celebrate.

I know over the past few months there hasn’t been as many updates as I’d like, and the plan is that September is the month that that changes – I’m working on getting a few more folk on board to help contribute some devotions (and if you are interested in helping out please leave a wee comment below) – the target is that we will have something new for you at least every other day. And during September we’ll be having a special focus on what Living All4God is all about, and how it applies to day to day life.

In addition to that, September sees the long overdue return of the All4God podcast, which will feature some great music and teaching.

There’s also a few new things you’ll notice: we have a new comments system that allows you to have an avatar to go beside your comments and to reply directly to comments – try it out now! We’ll be using it for some debate and discussion features over the next few months, and it would be great if you joined in. Also new is the monthly All4God playlist that’ll be appearing on the site at the start of each month, with 10-15 class songs for you to listen to – a mix of favourites and new releases by the very best in Christian music. Plus we’ll be doing more review articles to bring your attention to books, cds, videos and websites that’ll help you live all4God/we found really entertaining.

Also, just wanted to let you know of a few ways you can stay up to date with all things All4God related – you can keep checking the main site, you can become a fan of us on Facebook and get updates in your news feed, you can follow us on Twitter, and you can add us to your favourite rss reader.

That’s what’s coming your way, get excited for it, tell your friends, check back often, try not to sleep through it, and remember that central to it all is living full out, 100% for our creator God, so strive to do that in whatever September finds you doing – be it a new school year, university, work, tech, college, whatever.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo