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Here I go again

{This is a follow up to the last article, If they have never heard. I’d recommend you read it first!}
“But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?” Romans 10:14

We can have good intentions of sharing the Good News with others. We can resolve that the next chance we get we are going to speak the words of life into people’s life. But then the moment comes. And we throw it away.
It’s happened to all of us. Maybe you were asked a question about your faith, and as fast as you could you changed the subject. Or there was a chance for you to speak up about what you believe, maybe speaking out against misuse of God’s name, but you stayed silent. Or when asked what you did at the weekend you talk about everything apart from Church.

Casting Crowns have a song called Here I Go Again which is all about how we as Christians want to tell our friends about God’s love, but fear of how they will respond so often results in us instead “talking about the rain, and mulling over things, that won’t live past today.” So much of what we talk to our non-Christian friends about on a regular basis pales into insignificant on an eternal scale of things. We need to realize that each conversation we have with people could be our last chance to tell them that God loves them. There may not be another chance. We need to have the confidence to step out of our comfort zones, and talk to our friends about God rather than last night’s match. We need to have courage, and tell how Jesus has changed our lives rather than sticking with the ‘safe’ topics like the latest reality TV pop-idol-with-x-factor-and –talent-star. (Remember true courage is not the absence of fear, but acting despite our fears.)
I am about to start university, which has resulted in me leaving the school I attended for the past seven years (Wallace High School – very good, but that’s beside the point…). There are many people who I know I will now see very rarely (if ever) who before I’d have seen every day. Many people with whom I will never again have the chance to tell that God gave his only Son to die for them. It happens in life all the time – people move, you change schools, you get a new job, and suddenly there are people you don’t see anymore. People who you will no longer have a chance to talk to about God. So today resolve that in the conversations you have you will take the opportunity to tell them while you still can. That you won’t stay silent any more. Because how can we expect them to know what we have never told them?