The dare of Jesus

Do not be defeated by the darkness in this world
It weighs upon my soul
It blackens my heart
Despair hangs on every tree, on every lowly lampost, on every worker’s head.
So raise high the banner of hope,
and its never fading love
You, not of this world, do not shelter under the blanket
Long for light, for smiles and peace that rests like a dove
Love dangerously they say,
beyond your very breath
See the power change in their eyes, and hope rise once again
I will not be defeated.
I will look into the eyes of death and challenge it with Jesus,
my only master, my deep love.
Hope radically,
and take up the dare.
The dare of Jesus, to become mad for God.
Be free of your masters,
and discover his mysteries.
Let wonder shine from your eyes at his grace and mercy.
Bring forth Your Spirit as it moves close by
Awaken the dead hearts, the ones that want to flee.
Flee? Flee from what? From their mind and thoughts,
thoughts that let them know something’s not right.
Fears that grip them of getting to close to God,
of losing control of emotion and composure.
How far do you dare to swim into open water?
Into the ocean of his love and adventure?
Where Joy and Sorrow are at their extremes,
as the waves sweep you through this mad journey of His.
Don’t play safe, don’t hold on.
Jump into the unknown, into that what scares you.

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