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Stuff Christians Like: Christian Put Down lines

I am single (inexplicably so, some might say…). I also like Christian pick-up lines. In my attempts to use them to resolve the singleness situation though I have run into something nasty – the Christian put-down line. A few weeks ago I got featured on the wildly popular Stuff Christians Like website with an article where I detail some of the best/worst Christian put-down lines that you can use to turn down people who need to spend more time reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye.
In case you missed it, I thought I’d share a couple, and recommend you read the full article to find out just how I managed to offend several morbidly obese women:

  • When I read in Jeremiah 29:11 that God has good plans for me, and think of you, I feel somewhat cheated
  • My love for you is purely agape
  • I see you as more prayer partner than date partner

For more check out my original post on Stuff Christians Like – I am hoping that one day I will get a positive response to one of my Christian pick-up lines, as I would quite like to have a family while I am still young enough to beat my potential kids at sport…