Continuing our semi-regular look at how you can use everyday objects to help in the quest to live All4God. This time we are focusing on mobile phones (or cell phones for the Americans reading). If you are anything like me, your mobile is probably the one item you will have on your person most often. And it’s probably not a great sign that we find it easier to bring a mobile with us places than a Bible….
So how can you use your phone for God?
First off, unless you have amazing Rainman style memory powers, on it you will have numbers for all your friends in a phonebook application. This can also serve as a list of names to scroll through and pray for. Depending on your contract plan/top-up rewards you may well find you are paying for texts that you don’t use. Right now for example I have 515 free texts to use by November 14th – I don’t know about you, but there is no way I could come close to using those in regular message in the week I have from now til then. But rather than let those be lost come the end of the month why not use at least some of them up by texting encouraging verses to your friends?
As well as sending texts you are also able to receive texts almost anywhere (unless you are on Orange, then you are majorly restricted by poor signal coverage) through the wonders of modern technology. But did you know that for free you can get texts from All4God on a regular basis (i.e. whenever I remember to do it) with Bible verses and great quotes relating to faith? All you need to do is become a Fan of All4God on facebook and sign up to receive status updates by SMS, or follow us on Twitter (@all4God) and activate SMS updates there. Depending on your phone network and country you may be able to use either, or just one of those, but it is well worth trying to get one of them. (You’ll not be spammed with lots of messages, and I don’t get your number so I can’t sell it to third parties, no matter how desperate I get for a bit of cash!)
I mentioned at the start that I tend to have my phone with me more than my bible – well there is a simple solution. See, it is possible to get Bible applications for most phones, and if you don’t mind your translation with a few “Thee’s, thou’s and Thy’s” in it you can even get it for free from GoBible.
There’s a few other simple things you can do with your phone – you could set a Christian image as your wallpaper/screensaver to help remind you of the need to honour God in everything you do before you send a message/make a phone call that maybe wouldn’t be best pleasing to Him. You could put a worship tune as your ringtone, which could be a good way to start conversations with people who hear it and ask what song it is.
You may be able to think of other ways in which you can use your mobile phone to help you grow closer to God – if so please do share them with us in the comments!

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