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Today as part of Christmas Means More we are focusing on Christmas presents. I don’t know if you’ve been out yet doing your Christmas shopping yet? I went last Friday and managed to get something for most of the people I was buying for, which I was pleased with. (I’ll be even more pleased if they actually like what I’ve got them…)
[If you are stuck for ideas obviously I would recommend Reflections, a collection of devotions written by myself, put together in book format, handily sized and priced for giving as a present to  friends/family members/loved ones/youth leaders/secret santas. You can get it now on Amazon or Ebay (USA) and LuLu (UK). If you order right now you should get it in time for Christmas, so don’t delay!]
Tedious product plug aside, it is clear that people tend to go overboard at Christmas buying people all sorts of junk they have no need/want of, all in the name of Christmas. I heard one 20 year on the radio today say she was going to spend about £800 on presents. (As someone who will be 20 next Christmas I’d love to know where she gets the money for that from…) People try to out-do each other to buy extravagent gifts. But Christmas is really about God’s gift of love for us, and compared to that a new ipod or ghds don’t really come close.
And with that in mind, I ask you to watch these two videos from The Advent Conspiracy, because they say so much more effectively than I could what I want to get across about presents and Christmas meaning more. So hit the play button, watch and then share your thought in the comments.
[HTML1] (Facebook-ers watch it here 1)
[HTML2] (Facebook-ers watch it here 2)

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