This little light

You probably know the classic kids chorus “This little light of mine”. Maybe right now you are singing along in your head “I’m going to let it shine…”. But unless you have a pretty strange musical taste it probably wouldn’t rate too highly on your top songs list. Because while the message of the song, about shining bright for God is good, the tune leaves a bit to be desired. And it turns out band LZ7 agree. And so they have put to give a hip-hop, N-Dubz style remix, with some great challenging verses and a much more audibly pleasing chorus to get you singing along with passion. And on top of that, they want it to inspire you to actually act on the words of the chorus and let your light shine by doing some good deeds for those around you, showing God’s love to them.
And right now they are having a campaign to get the message of God’s love into the mainstream, shining a little light into the darkness of chart radio. Because let’s face it, most of the music that makes up the mainstream chart may be very musically good, but morally is something of a mess. Most of the songs are all about sex, drugs, having a good time and looking out for yourself. Christian music simply doesn’t chart at all. So maybe now is the time to change that, to spread a message of hope onto the airwaves, to show that Christian music has some great tunes too, and to get people talking about God.
Which is why this week there is a big campaign going on to download LZ7’s song This Little Light from ITunes/Play/Amazon/other good legal download sites. There are thousands of people signed up to various Facebook groups linked to the campaign. It is being supported by organisations like The Message, UCB and TheWord4UToday. And you can join in by simply making one quick download of the song. It costs less than a bottle of coke, and you get a great song to enjoy. Not convinced? Check out the video, have a listen to the song and then go download it, and together we can shine our light and make God famous.
Order from:
– itunes (79p) (67p) (79p) (79p)
Each version counts as a seperate download in the chart!

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