Where is _____?

Some day we are going to get to heaven. And the Bible tells us that when we do Jesus will welcome us with a “Well done my good and faithful servant.”(Matthew 25:23). But what if that isn’t the end of the exchange. What if He keeps going “It’s great to see you here, but where is that guy you sat beside in class? Where is that lady with the bad back who lived across the street? Where is that girl you used to be ‘best friends for life’ with? Why aren’t they here too?”
We have been called to love God, to serve others and to become like Christ. And as part of serving others we have been instructed by Jesus to make disciples of all nations (Mark 16:15). Because surely that is the greatest service we could do anyone. We have a Saviour who offers forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Can we really claim to be fully serving the needs of others if we don’t do anything about their most important need, the need for God?

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