Giving up facebook for lent? Don't miss out

So lent is starting this week, and other the past couple of years Facebook has become a popular thing to give up for Lent. Which is cool and very commendable (so long as you are doing it for the right reason – to free up more time for God, not to make more time for the TV/so you can boast about about holy you are being…). BUT if you read All4God’s devotion blog posts through the All4God facebook page it’ll mean you will miss out on the stuff we have coming up other the Lent period. Which would be a shame. Luckily you don’t have to miss out. You can get all the articles emailed to you, so you can check out all the new stuff without going on facebook (or you can even go to the main homepage every few days).
To get email updates to keep you up to date with all the latest All4God devotionals while you are off facebook for lent, sign up here. Even if you aren’t giving up facebook for lent, it is a great way to ensure you never miss another devotional reflection again! (You will only ever be sent posts that go up on the All4God site, no spam, no masses of unwanted emails, no offers of drugs, “genuine” watches or devices to enlarge parts of your anatomy!)
With Lent in mind – are you giving anything up for it? Are you taking anything on? How do you want to grow closer to God this Lent?

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