Devotions to help you live out your faith


Happy new year

“For he chose us from the beginning” Ephesians 1:11
It is the start of a new year. A fresh start. A blank page.
Maybe you feel tired.
Maybe you are weary.
You have walked these roads many times, you’ve been here before.
New year, fresh intentions, ending up in failure.
You wanted to do better, but it didn’t work out.
You planned on losing that weight, but it was just so hard.
You meant to call and make amends, but pressing dial was too daunting.
So much promise, so little success.
And now you feel like throwing in the towel.
You wonder what’s the point?
Why try when all that happens is you fail?
But the thing is, our past does not define us. Who we were is not who we are, for God is transforming us into a new creation. He has plans for us to prosper, not to fail. He has things for us to achieve, things for us to do, things for us to change.

Things he chose us for from the beginning of time.
Things he created us especially for.
Things he wants us to fight for, causes he wants us to support.
Things the world is waiting for us to do.
Things that are worth doing.
Things that matter.
There are people out there who need you. People who need you to do what God chose you for. People who need you to fulfil the plans He has for you.
People waiting for you to care about them.
People waiting for you to bring hope to them.
People waiting for you to love them.
People waiting
For you.
Waiting for you to realise that you are not in this alone.
To realise that if God has chosen you, He is going to help you.
To realise that with God, nothing is impossible.
To realise that the power that raised Christ from the dead is in you, now.
To realise that He will not leave or abandon you.
To realise He cared enough to send his Son, for you.
To realise that you are loved
By God almighty.
So today, step out.
Step out knowing you are loved.
Step out knowing you matter.
Step out knowing that you can bring change.
You can bring hope.
You can bring life.
With God in the picture you are not doomed to just fail again.
With God in the picture when you fall He will lift you up.
With God in the picture nothing is impossible.
With God in the picture every day is a fresh chance.
A chance for forgiveness.
A chance for growth.
A chance for change.
A chance to cast off the labels of shame.
A chance to leave the past behind you.
A chance to start anew.
With God in the picture there is a chance for people like me and you.
It is the start of a new year. A fresh start. A blank page.
People are waiting for you.
God is in the picture.
You are loved.
You have been chosen.
Chosen to prosper, not fail.
Step out, and embrace the chance God has for you today.