Best of All4God 2011

Earlier in the week we looked back at the most read posts of 2011, and now it is time to share what I think are the best posts of the year, the ones you should drop everything and read (unless you are carrying a sharp knife. Don’t drop that. Set it down carefully and then read these…)
John Mayer, Mean Bastard – probably the only Christian devotion written this year about John Mayer
Coals – a post by Caleb Ames about how we need Christian community in our lives
Jumping to conclusions – still no-one has correctly guessed who Girl A is – can she remain anonymous forever?
Leaving 99 – a reminder that God cares about the individual as much as the crowd
Total Control – all about surrendering completely to God
A tale of two hair dryers – spiritual insight from a library bathroom
Those are my highlights of the past year, but what about you? What articles did you enjoy? What lessons have your learnt in your walk with God this year? And what hopes do you have for the year ahead?

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