SoulPrint Review

Soulprint by Mark Batterson is a book about your God given identity, based on five incidents from the life of David in the Old Testament. It is all about how to be the unique person God created you to be, and is a pretty good read.
The main theme running through the book is that God is central to our identity – that it isn’t about us, but about Him. There is a great chapter about the need to have memorial objects (photos, souvenirs etc) around our house/work place to remind us not of the great things we have done, but of the amazing things God has done in our lives, because we so easily forget.
In Soulprint Mark uses the story of King David as his main biblical example, and it would have benefited from more quoting of other relevant verses – while everything in it is Biblically sound a few more verses here and there wouldn’t have gone amiss. Another minor gripe I have is the verse references are all in the form of endnotes so are a bit of a pain to look up.
There are plenty of anecdotes from his personal experience, so if you don’t enjoy books where the author shares a lot about their life you’ll probably want to pass on this. Personally I found they made the book very easy to read, and there is a great humorous style throughout it too – Mark also tackles tough theological issues, such as what King Saul was doing when he went into the cave to relive himself and David cut off part of his robe (he reaches the conclusion, after looking at the original text and cultural background that it was probably a number two…)
This is a book that will make you think, and it gives plenty of ideas for ways to live out the identity God has for you – if you engage with this book it will equip you to make Christ-honouring changes in your life.
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Legal bit so the USA don’t shut down All4God and arrest me – Waterbrook Multnomah gave me a free ebook of this book to read. I was under no pressure to give a positive review.

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