Recommended: The Messenger Magazine

Tuesday is all about reviews and recommendations on All4God. Today I wanted to let you know about  a magazine The Messenger put together by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland every couple of months (you can pay to get a paper edition, or you can get it for free in digital format as either a pdf or a kindle formatted file)
The Messenger features a mix of teaching articles, articles that focus on modern issues (the current edition looks at should we use social networks on the Sabbath) and reviews of books. There are also articles from people involved in missionary work. Articles are written by a mixture of ministers and young people, and are pretty easy to understand.
While some of the stuff is focused on the Reformed Presbyterian Church there is a lot that is relevant to all Christians, and I particularly like how you can get it as a Kindle friendly magazine for free (I haven’t found any other Christian magazine/website that does that). If you are interested in getting some free Christian magazine content for your ereader of choice (either Kindle or others via PDF) The Messenger is worth checking out. (NB One thing to be aware of is you have to sign up (for free) before you can access the magazine)

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