White Flag

Chris Tomlin has a new song on the new Passion White Flag album called White Flag. It is a song all about surrendering to God fully. It takes the image of battle surrender with the white flag and turns it on its head by showing that by surrendering we gain victory in Christ. It is a reminder to give over all to God, and a reminder that our banner and hope is the cross. It must be lifted high in our life, nothing else.
Today, chose to surrender all to God. Today, boast only in the cross, for only the cross has the power to save. Today, stop trying to go your own way, and surrender to God’s will. For in surrender we find victory. We find hope. We find true, eternal life.
In the words of the chorus say to God today “We surrender, all to You, all for You” (if only they had sung God in place of that last You…)

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