The Jesus Mission Review

In his new book The Jesus Mission Steven Scott gives a good overview of the 27 missions Jesus accomplished, and focuses largely on the four He leaves for us to do, and how we can work at accomplishing them. These four mission that Scott identifies are 1. To become more intimate with God 2. To accelerate your personal growth 3. To empower other believers to follow Christ 4. To impact the lives of unbelievers in your world.
The Jesus Mission is saturated with lots of Biblical quotes, mainly from the words of Jesus. And one of the things I particularly liked was Scott doesn’t spoon-feed readers, but leaves it to us to meditate and study the words in places (after doing several example passages). Another thing I liked about this book was he uses good illustrations to make it an interesting read and not just dry theology. This is a very practically minded book, and the whole focus is living the way Jesus calls us to live, showing that we believe by how we live. There is a great chapter on how we can know we are saved (spoiler: there is more to it than just saying a prayer) and lots of advice on overcoming the obstacles to following Jesus’ words. Everything is well set out with lots of lists that keep things well structured.
This book does start with the basics and builds from there, which makes it a great resource for people who are new to faith, although once you get further in there is plenty that even those who have been Christian for some time can learn from and benefit from.
One criticism I have is that it is a bit long at 300 pages, some of which is excess padding that could have been trimmed down, and also throughout the text Scott has a tendency to plug one of his other books, but that aside this is a pretty solid book about what Jesus wants us to do with our lives, and has some practical advice on how we can go about doing it.
NB: WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group gave me a free copy of The Jesus Mission in return for a review. I was not under any pressure to give a positive review.

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