Review: Jesus Swagger – Jarrid Wilson

Jesus Swagger is the new book from trendy minister and author Jarrid Wilson, and unlike his previous devotional book this is comprised of longer chapters.
The central message is a call to turn away from poser Christianity and to really sincerely live out your faith and pursue growth in your walk with Jesus. He reclaims the word swagger which has been used by pop culture recently as what it originally meant – the way you walk to give his book a catchy title with a deep meaning – that as Christians we are called to walk like Jesus.
This book is a manifesto to what that looks like lived out.
Jarrid is fed up of seeing people who have the outside look of Christian cool but don’t have the deep heart relationship with Jesus, who aren’t pursuing growth, who aren’t living out their faith. That is a passion close to my heart and so I really enjoyed this book that does an excellent job of presenting a really deep biblically rooted vision for how we live out the Christian faith in such a way that is really relatable to modern life.
Jarrid does a lot of youth work and has amassed a large twitter and instagram following. He has a good understanding of modern culture and includes tweetable quotes at the start of each chapter, and also has various lists and compare and contrast tables through the book that summarise the main points in a very easy to understand manner. This is deep content but presented in such a way as to be very readable and retainable. This is very obviously aimed at those who are Christians but haven’t necessarily let that really transform their lives and would be a great book to work through with a youth group small group.
This is a book that will stretch and challenge and inspire readers to turn from poser christianity and actually walk like Jesus walked with practical steps and advice to help them actually do it rather than just read about it.

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