Dirty God by Jonnie Moore: Review

Dirty God is a new book by Jonnie Moore (a young writer (29) who is also a vice president of Liberty Christian Univeristy). The title sounds a bit scandalous, however it refers to how through Jesus God became man and got ‘into the trenches’ with us, not judging us from afar but coming down, getting His hands dirty and showing grace.
Dirty God is all about grace. Part 1 is devoted to explaining the grace we have received, primarily looking at the life of Jesus and the ultimate example of the cross, while the second part flips things around to look at how having received grace, we now need to show grace.
Jonnie uses a simple, conversational style of writing that allows the book to read as though he was personally addressing you, and it is very accessible to both mature Christians and those who are newer to faith.
Throughout the book Jonnie quotes extensively from CS Lewis and Tim Keller, as well as drawing on his experiences from mission trips and college teaching (there is an excellent chapter where he laughs at how the prayer life and church attendance at his university rockets during exam seasons and draws the parallel to how we expect cheap grace from God without having to put in any effort.)
Dirty God is very much a two part book. The first part will help you really grasp how incredible the grace we have received is, while the second part is more challenging and aims to inspire you to show others grace. Jonnie asks the question what it could be like if one billion people radically lived out Christian grace every day, not just when it is easy and convenient.
This is a fantastic book on grace, very easy to read and understand with lots of good analogies and comparisons. For a long time Brennan Manning has been considered the author with regards grace, but I think Jonnie Moore could be a worthy successor. I highly recommend reading Dirty God.
NB disclaimer: BookSneeze provided me with a free copy in return for an honest review. I did not have to postive a positive review. Opinions are my own.

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