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Let it be Known -Worship Central Review

A couple of years ago Worship Central came out of no-where as a collective of most of the UK’s leading worship leaders to release a live album (Spirit Break Out) that did rather well in UK Christian music terms, making it onto the iTunes top ten album chart for several days, which was (and still is) practically unheard of for Christian music in the UK. So expectations were high for the follow-up album, Let it be known.

Let it be known features leading names from the UK worship scene including Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon, Nikki Fletcher, Luke Hellebronth, Al Gordon & Myles Dhillon. The two major missing names are Matt Redman and Martin Smith – Martin Smith being particularly surprising given how many other worship albums he has been popping up on recently. The album is full of anthemic worship songs, sung full of passion in front of a live audience, and you get a real sense that powerful, genuine worship is happening. These are songs that declare a desire for Jesus to be lifted up, cries for the prodigal to return home, a desire for the sound of all our praise to be lifted up to Jesus alone and a bold declaration of a yearning to make it known that our God saves. Lyrically these are good, solid songs, anthemic, passionate, worshipful tunes that you can easily sing along to without feeling as though you are singing a ‘love song to Jesus’. And Myles Dhillon mixes things up with some rap on a couple of the songs, which is a great addition and helps set Worship Central apart from the likes of Hillsong and Jesus Culture, who musically otherwise would be fairly similar to this album – if you like that style of ‘standium-anthem worship’ you will really enjoy Let it be known.
Personally I felt Let it be known didn’t quite live up to the expectations placed on it be the quality of Spirit Break Out, but it is by no means a poor second album. This still showcases some of the best of British worship music, and it is refreshing to hear a more local album that stands up to the likes of Passion, Bethel Live and Hillsong. If you like your worship with a bit of energy and passion, check out Let it be known (but also check out Spirit Break Out if you haven’t heard it!)