Worship: This is Amazing Grace Bethel Live

Sometimes a song really hits you in the midst of a worship session. It happened to me on Sunday night. It was a song I didn’t recognise, but has since become one of my favourites. As I didn’t know it I had to pay close attention to the words in order  to sing along, and I guess that helped me realise just how great the truths they were proclaiming are.
The song This is Amazing Grace by Bethel Live is a powerful reminder of what Jesus has done for us. A reminder that he bore our cross. A reminder that he died our death. A reminder that we need to sing of all he has done for us. A reminder that worthy is the lamb who was slain. A reminder that worthy is the King who conquered the grave. This is amazing grace – that He would lay down His life that we may be set free. Shout it out for the world to hear – there is AMAZING grace available to all.
Listen and let it remind you afresh of the amazing grace we have received.

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