Prayer for the G8

This coming Monday sees the start of the G8 summit right here in Northern Ireland. The world’s most powerful leaders are gathering in a hotel resort in Northern ireland to discuss policies and set agendas for the next few years. Would you join with us in praying that God’s will would be done? That His kingdom would be advanced?
Lord God, Abba Father who reigns on the heavenly throne
You alone are sovereign over all
You alone are the truly powerful ruler
You O God are the King of all Kings
Nations come and nations go but you remain forever
Your Kingdom alone will not end.
Father, we ask that our leaders would be mindful of you
We ask that whether they know it or not they would be doing your will
We ask that you would give them compassion for the least of these
We ask that they would not seek to exploit the poor, but seek to bridge the gap
We ask that they would act justly
That they would love mercy
That they would walk humbly.
Lord, we pray that in all things you would be glorified
We pray that your people would not stand by as Your children, made in Your image, go hungry
We pray that this would be a generation who does something about the 1 in 8 who go hungry every day
Lord, as our leaders meet for the G8 fill them with compassion for those who will go hungry today
Let us chose less so that others may simply have enough
Lord, we have far more than our daily bread
May we make sure no-one has to go without
Let your will be done through our leaders
On earth as in heaven
Forgive us the many offences we have committed against our brother and sister
Forgive us for all the ways we have exploited those less fortunate than ourselves
Forgive us our lack of compassion
Forgive us for storing up our treasures in ever bigger barns on earth
Forgive us through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus
May we seek you like never before
May our leaders be aware of you God
May you give them the confidence to make sacrifices and not seek ir own gain
May we not look for only our own good, but for the good of all your creation
Lord, deliver us from evil
Help us see the errors of our ways
Fill us with compassion Lord
For yours is the kingdom, the power and glory,
Forever and ever

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