New Spirit Filled Life Bible NLT Review

I like big Bibles and I can not lie…
If big Bibles are your thing you may wish to check out the New Spirit filled Life Bible, which is a newly released study bible from Thomas Nelson. Apparently over 2 million copies of the old spirit filled life bible have been sold, but seemingly it just wasn’t spirit filled enough, and so now we have a new one.
This is a very rich study resource, with great footnotes for many verses giving little snippets of life application, focusing on the Holy Spirit and how the verse relates to our life today. There are Word Wealth boxes in most chapters, which pick out a word, and explain what it was in the original text and give a full definition of it (so now you can impress your friends with Rob Bell style original Hebrew words…). There are also Kingdom Dynamic boxes which pick out themes such as Growing in Knowing God, The power of prayer, Spiritual Unity, Spiritual LEADERSHIP, Supernatural ministry and many others which highlight these themes as they occur throughout the bible and give an expanded commentary that is more in depth than the footnotes that accompany most verses. Each book has a detailed introduction with a background, content overview, a look at how Christ is revealed through that book (particularly useful for the duller Old Testament books) and a look at the Holy spirit at work in that book. In addition,  at the end of each book there is a recap that summarises the main ways highlighted in that book in which the Holy Spirit works in our lives.
This is a well laid out Bible, with the text a good size, the footnotes being readable but small enough to not be distracting, word wealth words are printed in bold to draw your attention to them, the central column of each page gives references to related verses, and Jesus’ words are in red. It is hardbacked, and the main issue I have with it is the cover – this is a very helpful study resource, and is the sort of Bible that really should have an elegant leather bound cover. However it comes in a paper sleeve that is full of descriptions on the back of what all the Bible contains so doesn’t look the part in my opinion. Inside though it is a high quality resource, with contributions from many pastors and Biblical scholars. I personally got the NLT translation as that is the translation I use, but I believe other translation options with the same study notes are available.
I got it free while in America on a summer placement, and my original thought had been to give it to a friend before I left, but it is such an in-depth study resource that I want to take it home with me – even though it will take up a big chunk of my luggage allowance.
Disclaimer – I got a free copy of this Bible from Thomas Nelson through the booksneeze program in exchange for an honest review. I did not have to write a positive review.

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