90 Days in John 14-17, Romans and James Review

90 Days in John 14-17, Romans and James is a new 90 day devotional from Tim Keller and Sam Allberry (it is part of a new series of 90 day devotionals from various authors that take several books of the Bible and focus on working through the book verse by verse)
Each day has a passage to read, and this is then further broken down verse by verse with questions to think about and devotional content to read, before moving on to the next verse. Where there are relevant links to other parts of the Bible those are made too and you are just necessarily in the one book the whole way through.
This devotional book takes a very expositional style, going through verse by verse and studying each part in detail, not rushing over it, but also looking at each passage very much through the lens of “what does this mean for us?” – this is not about theology for the sake of theology or knowledge for the sake of knowledge but about studying God’s word and letting it change our lives.
The slow few verses at a time approach is a good way to get to grips with the books studied and not just rush through large chunks of Bible reading but to be still and mull over the passages, and the structure of having questions mixed in with the devotional content encourages you to think for yourself rather than just getting the author’s perspective.
Each day ends with either application or prayer guidance (which really is a form of application) that helps you take what you have been studying and live it out.
The section of John this book covers is Jesus’s final big address to the disciples before His crucifixion, and is full of great teaching for us that is very well unpacked in this devotional, and Romans and James are two great letters full of solid doctrine.
Tim Keller will be well known to many, and in recent days Sam Allberry has also gone viral after his powerful speech at the Church of England Synod. Together they have put together a very helpful devotional that takes a refreshing slow and deep approach to working through the Bible (while Bible in a year plans are popular, at the pace of this devotional it would take about 7 years to get through the Bible)
Disclosure – for the purposes of review I was sent a free ebook edition of this book. I did not have to write a positive review.

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